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Our Goals

We want to deliver amazing ads for the public with the ability to help the public at the same time. Hi, I'm John G. Franklin the CEO and Owner of "Your Car Ads". I have friends and family who drive a car or a truck for a living. I myself have a class A license and know what its like personally to drive all day and all night. Then going home and realizing I barely made enough to pay the bills. One of my goals for starting this company is to help people make a better living for themselves. Doing what they are already doing now, and still having the same amount of time to be with their friends and more importantly their family. We want to make you a better you.

We offer companies a unique way to get their name out there to the public. Whether its downtown or in the suburbs, people will see your ad. Delivering quality 1080p videos to the public is our way of helping local businesses and those in need of there services. We feature your ad on our Video Toppers all day and all night, throughout the bay area. As long as one of our quality drivers are on the road, your business will always be advertising for a simple monthly fee. Do you want to change the ad? It's simple, just give us the new video ad and we'll update it within 24 hours of receiving the video. Since we are a new company we'll be offering lower rates at the beginning with the ability to hold on to those rates each month. Regardless of how large the fleet becomes. These rates are for our local and loyal businesses. The rate will not change as long as you renew on time. Our company is all about offering quality service to everyone affiliated with us. Customer services the way it should be.


First Steps...

Contact us at (415) 964-8955 and ask for John or you can email us at